The exclusive mobile home “You & Me” is meant for a vacation for two, for people who want to take a rest from their daily routine. It is a gorgeous, luxurious love nest. The shape and the interior decoration resembles the Matija mobile home, but the rooms are larger. “You & Me” is the most comfortable of our homes. It is in line with the latest technological research, and intended for modern-day nomads who want to move and explore while enjoying the comfort of their home. The design is far removed from the traditional concept of mobile homes as known in the last few years.


The front side of the mobile home is a large glass wall that opens onto the roof terrace. This luxurious terrace made of wood and glass, with a surface area of 42 m² and a 2.8 m high ceiling tempts you to spend all your day on it. At the same time, it provides a sense of merging with nature as well as comfort and privacy.


The living room and kitchen are joined together. They decor is luxurious but tasteful and unobtrusive, so the happy customer is free to decorate with additional colorful paintings or vases with flowers. The living room has a surface area of 24 m² and a corner sofa bed. The kitchen is superbly equipped, including a dishwasher, cooking plate, exhaust hood and built-in refrigerator with a freezer. The air conditioner and heat unit is located so that both the living room and the bedroom are cooled and warmed equally well.