The exclusive, luxury mobile home Matija is intended for family vacations. It is a gorgeous family house where every family member can find enough room for themselves. It provides all necessary comforts alongside an undisturbed enjoyment of its surroundings. The front facade is dominated by a glass wall, allowing the touch of nature to spread throughout the home. Both the large surface area and the high ceilings provide the sense of spaciousness. This is far from the concept of a classic mobile home. It is attractive but unobtrusive. Ventilation grilles in the ceilings and the floors of the house improve the air quality, as well as preventing moisture retention and helping to control the temperatures. The house has an air conditioner and heating unit with a built-in delayed off-switch, for when you open doors or windows. This mobile home is modular and although the dimensions are the largest of those we offer, it fits in with nature perfectly. It is easy to maintain and to renovate both the interior and the exterior.


The luxurious roof terrace provides the sense of being immediately in nature while maintaining privacy and shelter. You can spend the whole day on the terrace enjoying the surroundings. It is made of a combination of natural wood (there is also the option of plasticized metal profiles) and tempered transparent glass. The cool roof has a colored trapezoidal steel tin.


The unforgettable pleasure of staying in this house is even further emphasized in the combined living room and kitchen. The large living room has a corner sofa bed and a table with four chairs. The kitchen has all the necessary technology and fits in the dishwasher, cooking plate, stove and refrigerator with a freezer. (There is also a option of adding a washing machine).